Racial & Social Justice

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Racial & Social Justice

YWCA Delaware does the work of racial and social justice through a variety of programming focused on awakening individuals and communities and helping them to develop the awareness, willingness and tools to drive change in themselves and the institutions we all share.

MLK Day of Action

Join us on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 15, 2024 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the First Unitarian Church, 730 Halstead Road, Wilmington, DE for a Day of Action dedicated to advancing real systemic change in the racial and social justice space. This event will provide a platform for community engagement as we unveil our advocacy priorities for 2024. Come and discover how your actions can make a meaningful impact on public policy and contribute to positive transformation. Register here.

White Ally Workshop

In our White Ally Workshop, you’ll learn how to use active listening, empathy, and personal storytelling to promote racial equity. It is designed for white allies to develop skills to engage racism skeptics in productive conversations with friends, family, and neighbors. It is designed to help white allies see the task of using their influence to bring other white people along on their lifelong mission of dismantling racism. Participants will leave with the opportunity to build a support system with other white allies and continue to develop the skills learned in the workshop. The workshop will use the curriculum designed by Dr. David Campt’s White Ally Toolkit. Learn more.


Racism cuts both ways. How do we heal? We believe that engaging in transformational dialog will move us in that direction. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Delaware State University’s Trauma Academy to offer Transformational Racial Healing Circles. Join us for  6-week consecutive weeks of online group discussions designed to promote ways for all of us to heal from past wounds, establish mutually respectful connections across racial and ethnic lines that honor and value each person’s humanity, and build trusting diverse community ties that better represent our common humanity. Learn more.


Racial Justice Challenge

Our Racial Justice Challenge is a virtual learning tool designed to create dedicated time and space to build more effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of race, power, privilege, and leadership. New content is released on weekdays and participants log on to the challenge app on their phone or visit the website and are presented with 21 days of activities such as reading an article, listening to a podcast, or reflecting on personal experience. Learn more.

Let’s Talk

Each month, we’re hosting webinar discussions of racial equity and social justice topics with panelists from various fields. These virtual discussions are free and open to all. Check out our upcoming webinars here.

Racism in America: The History We Didn’t Learn in School

This six-week history course raises the knowledge and awareness of untold history in America. This course begins with the history of enslaved Africans in the country that is now known as America in 1619 and goes through the history of voting rights and suppression up until 2023. Week six of the course challenges participants to explore actions to change systemic racial injustice and ensure a more equitable, diverse, inclusive, and just society. The course includes lectures, Q&A sessions and small group discussions. Register here.



YWCA Delaware’s YW Leaders program is designed to help high school students develop a better understanding of who they are while cultivating an appreciation and understanding for individuals of diverse backgrounds whose appearance, values, and interests differ from their own. Facilitator-led sessions are offered in-person or online through four educational modules. Students will engage in critical conversations and learn skills to become leaders in their communities as they advocate for racial and social justice. As the program grows, students will be given the opportunity to transition into leadership roles. Learn more.


Antiracist Programming to Eliminate Racism

YWCA Delaware’s Racial & Social Justice program strives to transform communities by changing consciousness, promoting inclusion and solidarity, and cultivating skills in individuals to advocate for justice and inspire a movement.

DTA Programs: Transformational Racial Healing Conversations | Racial Justice Challenge | White Ally Small Groups | Book Study Groups | Conversations About Racism 



YWCA Delaware’s culturally inclusive organization programming strives to help our communities to develop diversity, equity and inclusion perspectives and practices to break through institutional patterns that lead to injustice.

DE & I Programs: On the Menu | Transforming White Privilege: A 21st Century Leadership Capacity | NarrateHER Traveling Exhibit  | Local Emergency Action & Response Networks


Our resource list of books, articles, movies, documentaries and podcasts will start or deepen your understanding of race, racism, and antiracism in the United States.

Resource List


As we celebrate the value and virtue of public service today and every day, we invite you to get involved in the broader conversation of creating a more inclusive democracy for all. Consider registering as a Racial and Social Justice Facilitator and lead engaging discussions to promote understanding of racial differences.




Civic education and engagement allows us to create real change. Join our YW2CA bi-monthly news today for advocacy education, action alerts, and opportinies to become more civically engaged in our community.


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RSJ Activities

Are you interested in launching a partnership event? Want to become an RSJ Annual Speaker? Or are you looking to facilitate an educational forum or discussion?

If so, please connect with:
Rebecca Cotto
Director of Racial & Social Justice

Email rcotto@ywcade.org to get in touch today!