Youth Development

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YWCA Delaware’s Youth Development program’s mission is to build the strength of the community by empowering youth to maximize their personal and educational potential. We provide comprehensive and innovative college and career preparation and diversity and leadership workshops for at-risk youth, giving them a unique opportunity for an accomplished future. Our program challenges youth to become independent thinkers advocating for their own success while building their self-esteem, social competence and employability skills.

COVID-19 Response
Schools are closed but the process of education goes on. YWCA Delaware has tips for teens and parents that can be adapted to learning during these times. Maintaining a schedule and practicing the same study skill and supports that you use when schools are open will keep you from falling behind.

 YW Girl
A four-year college and career preparation program for high school girls with a focus on increasing self esteem and confidence, encouraging leadership and building networking opportunities that provide a foundation for financial security and economic stability for a successful future.
YW Girls podcast

 Diversity: I AM… the Key to Change
This series promotes understanding and respect among students of all races, religions, ethnicities and cultures through education on individuality, acceptance, support, relationships, communication, conflict resolution and advocacy.

The Esteem package consists of stand-alone workshops that target issues our youth face today. Your school or organization may choose one, two or all of the workshops – whatever fits your needs.

Summer Programs
All of YWCA Delaware Youth Development programs can be adapted to a summer schedule, but we also offer a few programs that are summer specific.

SITE (Summer Internship Teen Empowerment) Program 2019
YWCA Delaware’s Youth Development team is proud to sponsor two summer programs this year. PHASE I youth 14 – 17, Phase II youth 10 – 14.

For more information, contact Patrick Gunnin, Youth Program Director:
302.224.4060 ext. 208 or