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Emergence – Youth Development

The mission of YWCA Delaware’s Youth Development programs is to build the strength of the community by empowering youth to maximize their personal and educational potential. We provide comprehensive and innovative college and career preparation and diversity and leadership workshops for at-risk youth, giving them a unique opportunity for an accomplished future. Our program challenges youth to become independent thinkers advocating for their own success while building their self-esteem, social competence and employability skills.

Learning Resources

Note-taking tips to help you take better notes in class.

YWCA Delaware has compiled a list of tips that youth/teens can use to become more successful in school. These tips will help you in the classroom and completing your homework, in-person or online at home.


101 Ways to Help Your Child/Teen Have a Successful School Year

YWCA Delaware has compiled a list of 101 ways that parents can help their child/teen be successful in school. The list found in the link below are designed to show your child/teen you care about their education and that you are committed to helping them.


Virtual Programming Virtual Youth Development

As the process of education migrated to online formats due to COVID-19, YWCA Delaware also shifted to provide virtual programming to keep young people involved and focused through these challenging times. Utilizing Zoom, Power Point and other online tools, we have continued to facilitate virtual workshops and trainings for both high school and middle school students throughout Delaware.

Current Programs

Our virtual workshops for middle and high school girls are free!! For more information about offering YWCA Delaware’s Youth Development workshops at your school, contact Casey Reynolds, Senior Youth Services Coordinator at 302.224.4060, ext. 215 or

YW Girl

YW Girl is a four-year college and career preparation program for high school girls with a focus on increasing self esteem and confidence, encouraging leadership and building networking opportunities that provide a foundation for financial security and economic stability for a successful future.   This workshop covers:

  • Goal-Setting & Self-Organization
    “Understanding the action Plan”
  • Attitude & Personal Values
    “My Attitude is Everything”
  • Healthy Relationships
    “Teen Dating Violence Prevention, Establishing Healthy Relationships & Consent”
  • Eliminating Distractions
    “Breaking Bad Habits & Re-Establishing Goals”
  • Stress Management
    “ How I Deal & Cope with Stress”
  • College & Career Exploration
    “ What Do I want to do with my Life”

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The Esteem program consists of stand-alone or a series of workshops that target issues our youth face today. Individuals, schools or organizations may choose one, two or all of the workshops – whatever fits your needs.

  • Character Building
  • Leadership/Self-Awareness & Respect
  • Conflict Resolution/Problem Solving/Decision making
  • Diversity
  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention & Establishing Healthy Relationships & Consent
  • Employability

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For more information on these programs, please contact Casey Reynolds, Senior Youth Services Coordinator: 302.224.4060, ext. 215 or


YW Leaders collaborates with YWCA Delaware’s Youth and Racial and Social Justice programs to provide a forum for discussing racial equity and inclusion. This program creates a framework to help students become the driving force behind social change. Facilitator-led sessions teach effective communication, self-discipline, collaboration, and conflict resolution training. The curriculum provides skillsets to help serve students throughout their academic and professional careers.



YW Strive for Teens is a twelve-week program designed to support teens in becoming effective, responsible, and innovative leaders of the future. YW Strive for Teens is offered in a culturally responsive manner with a trauma-informed care lens to address intersecting needs of the participants. Register here.

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Other Programs:

Diversity: I AM… the Key to Change

This series promotes understanding and respect among students of all races, religions, ethnicities and cultures through education on individuality, acceptance, support, relationships, communication, conflict resolution and advocacy.

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For more information, contact Casey Reynolds, Senior Youth Services Coordinator:
302.224.4060, ext. 215 or