SAAM Survivor Gallery

  1. A New Beginning

I painted this because after surviving my trauma I realized the power of adventure. The world is so big and beautiful, and sometimes, to find that beauty, you just have to get in the car and go. There is peace and freedom in adventure.  

2. Moving Mountains

I painted this because in my process of healing, I have uncovered a hidden strength. Often times in life, there are many “mountains,” or struggles we must climb. There is beauty in this climb, strength to know we can get to the top.  

3. Survive 

I painted “Survive” on top of a pink cloud because this has been a part of my recovery process being on top of clouds. This is how my mind has felt and I have been in “survival” mode.  

4. Sun 

My sun painting is supposed to represent new beginnings and bright skies. 

5. I Said No 

I didn’t want to paint this, but the phrase “I said no” and “I meant it” popped into my head. Because I did and I still do mean it.  

6. You Grow Through What You Go Through

Grow Through What You Go Through: “I just drew it for spring and some positivity”

7.  (untitled) 

8. (untitled) 

9.  (untitled)