A Message of Thanks

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A Message of Thanks from Stephanie Staats

YWCA CEO Stephanie Staats reflects on her gratitude for YWCA supporters this holiday season.
Dear Friends,

Like most of you, I treasure the rare, quiet moments when I can push aside my attention to the pressing social issues we are confronted with every day. It is during those times that I reflect on the deep gratitude I feel for YWCA supporters. This renews my energy, and I channel this into a stronger purpose to make sure YWCA is always positioned as a change agent for many of those social problems that demand our attention.

As many of you are already celebrating or will soon enjoy all the holiday season has to offer with your family and friends, I find myself touched by the unprecedented support the YWCA family has received from all of you. This has been a remarkable year for this agency, filled with success stories of the women and families who needed us and were able to find safety, shelter and skill-building as a result of our collective efforts.

In the face of waning community resources, you rallied around us with your generous gifts at the Breakfast Celebration, to our annual letter or at other times when our work came to mind. YWCA is committed to being a bold, fearless voice in a world where we are needed daily by survivors of violence, communities marginalized by racism and injustice, and families struggling to keep their heads above water. This commitment is possible because you gave, volunteered, told someone about us or referred someone to one of our programs. Every action you took on behalf of YWCA’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women this year is highly valued and serves as brick in our strong foundation.

Stay tuned in the New Year, where we have a robust calendar already planned of racial and social justice educational programs, new innovative ways of offering our programs to the community and many ways to get connected to the issues you care about.

Thank you, and my warmest wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Stephanie Staats