YWCA Delaware is Participating in DoMore24

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YWCA Delaware is Participating in DoMore24

YWCA Delaware is excited to participate in Do More 24 Delaware 2023, and we need your support!

What is Do More 24?

Do More 24 is a Statewide 24-hour day of giving that begins on March 2nd at 6 PM. This event is designed to help nonprofits raise funds and engage new donors. Every organization that raises $5 or more on Do More 24 Delaware will receive matching dollars on a proportionate basis from the applicable stretch pool, thanks to Spur Impact, United Way of Delaware and other community supporters. In addition to the stretch pool funds, there will be other cash and non-cash prizes awarded throughout the day. Hundreds of Delaware nonprofits participate each year, making this one of the largest single days of giving of the year!

Why Donate?

Do More 24 Delaware is intended to be a unique giving holiday for nonprofits serving Delaware. Their goal is to ignite a culture of community-wide giving and allow everyone the opportunity to be a philanthropist. Do More 24 Delaware empowers the next generation of donors to be inspired to give to nonprofits and causes they are interested in and passionate about.

How Does Do More 24 Work?

Do More 24 Delaware uses the Delaware Gives™ platform to facilitate the event. Donations through Do More 24 Delaware will be processed through this website, which allows nonprofits and donors to track how much is raised over the 24 hour giving day. Do More 24 Delaware offers thousands of dollars in unrestricted funding and other cash and non-cash incentives to provide a little excitement, start some friendly competition, and help donors make their dollars go further.

Why YWCA Delaware?

YWCA Delaware is committed to helping those most in need in Delaware. Affordable housing remains scarce, unemployment remains high, and racial and social justice advocacy is needed more than ever. YWCA Delaware leads critical social change and advocates for women, girls, and their families by offering housing, sexual assault and domestic violence support services, economic empowerment, racial justice, and youth development programming to over 9,000 Delawareans a year.

Sign up and set a reminder  to give during the Do More 24 giving event and make a valuable contribution to our work. Your donation will help uplift women to achieve their full social and economic potential.  You can also donate or visit www.ywcade.org/donate to give ahead of time, adding DM24 in the notes section.