White Ally Workshop

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It is time for white allies, rather than people of color, to take on the responsibility of changing the hearts and minds of racism skeptics and this workshop can give you the skills to do that. — Becca Cotto, Director of Racial & Social Justice and Advocacy

Do you consider yourself an Ally?

In this White Ally Workshop, you’ll learn how to use active listening, empathy, and personal storytelling to promote racial equity. This workshop is designed to help white allies develop skills to engage racism skeptics in productive conversations with friends, family, and neighbors. The experience aims to help white allies see the task of using their influence to bring other white people along on their lifelong mission of dismantling racism. Participants will leave with the opportunity to build a support system with other white allies and continue to develop the skills learned in the workshop. The workshop will use the curriculum designed by Dr. David Campt’s White Ally Toolkit.

“The core motivation for this work is to make large-scale progress on racial attitudes, while not putting the burden on POC to navigate the behavior. The expectation is that white folks will be noticeably less defensive when they are talking about race with another white person, and when they are not in a large group situation. White allies are uniquely positioned to get racism skeptics to own up to beliefs that are troubling to the ideal of racial equity to beliefs that are troubling even somewhat to the skeptic.” — Dr. David Campt.

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2023
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: 1502 W. 13th Street, Wilmington, DE (In-Person Event)
Cost: The cost is $99 plus fees, this includes lunch and materials. Scholarships are available. Please contact rcotto@ywcade.org for more details.