Family Home buying
Thinking about a home of your own? Are you almost ready to purchase? Are you just starting to think about purchasing? . . . Either way, YWCA Delaware can help make homeownership and long-term enjoyment of your home a reality!

YWCA Delaware has helped over 3,000 families experience the economic benefits and many joys of homeownership. Through individual counseling services by committed, certified counselors and ongoing advocacy programs, we are building a better community by creating neighborhood stability; expanding the tax base; stimulating the economy; reducing mortgage defaults; and helping promote the wise use of credit. Join our program today to start on your path to homeownership!

Intro to Homeownership* 

If you’re just starting to think about buying a home or if you know you need to get some things in order to be able to buy, check out our Intro to Homeownership class. *Intro to homeownership classes are suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic.  Please check back to see when classes will resume.

Homebuyer Education

If you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage and are ready to move forward with your purchase, check out our Homebuyer Education Seminar. 

Online Homebuyer Education 

YWCA Delaware now offers online Homebuyer Education. If you’ve been pre-approved you can now complete the home buying process online.

Foreclosure Prevention

If you own a home, but have fallen behind on your mortgage payments or think you may fall behind soon, learn more about our Foreclosure Prevention program.

The YWCA offers bilingual counseling in both Spanish and English.

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