Stand Against Racism Challenge

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Stand Against Racism


The Stand Against Racism Challenge starts on Monday, April 4th and continues (Monday – Friday) through May 2nd.



About the Challenge

Stand Against Racism (SAR) is an annual campaign designed to build community among those who work for racial justice and raise awareness about the impact of institutional and structural racism. This annual campaign provides the opportunity for communities across the United States to find an issue or cause that inspires them to take a stand against racism and unite their voices to educate, advocate, and promote racial justice.

Participation helps us discover how racial injustice and social injustice impact our community, to connect with one another, and to identify ways to dismantle racism and other forms of discrimination.

Participants will download the Stand Against Racism App for their phone/tablet or log into the challenge website for 21 days of impactful challenges. (A guide to navigating the app and website is listed below.)

Examples of challenges include:

  • Reading an article
  • Listening to a podcast
  • Personal reflection, and more!

Our collective efforts can root out injustice, transform institutions, and create a world that sees women, girls and people of color the way we see them:  Equal. Powerful. Unstoppable. Click below to accept the challenge and #StandAgainstRacism now!

PARTNERS: Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice, Network Delaware, ACLU of Delaware, Delaware Community Foundation, The Episcopal Church in Delaware, First Unitarian Church of Wilmington – Human Rights Task Force, Westminster Presbyterian Church, League of Women Voters of Delaware, NAACP Delaware, Friendship House of Delaware

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The Stand Against Racism Challenge has an exciting new platform!

YWCA is proud to partner with Certain, Inc. to provide an engaging new website and app to host the 21-Day Challenge. To help you navigate, YWCA is providing this guide to creating an account with Certain and accessing all of the exciting new tools and features. We could not be more excited to share the all-new Challenge content with you!

Guide to Navigating Website and App

Table of Contents

  1. Logging into the challenge app or website
  2. Viewing your dashboard
  3. Navigation Bar
  4. Viewing Challenges
  5. Messages from YWCA
  6. Action steps and discussion questions
  7. Earning Badges
  8. Activity Feed
  9. Surveys

1. Logging into the challenge app or website

Step 1: Register HERE

Step 2: Each day of the Challenge, you will receive an email asking you to view that day’s content. On Monday, March 1, you will receive your first email, which will prompt you to login to the challenge website or download/open the challenge app: APPLE APP STORE  |  GOOGLE PLAY STORE  |  VIEW ON THE WEB

Step 3: (Only) the first time you login to the app or website, you will need to “request a password” by entering the email you used for registration and clicking “request a password.”



Step 4: You will receive an email from prompting you to create your password and access the content (PLEASE CHECK SPAM OR JUNK MAIL FOR THIS EMAIL IF IT DOES NOT APPEAR IN YOUR INBOX). Please set your own password because the one time password expires within 15 minutes.

Step 5: Set your password and login to the platform. Save your password, particularly if you are using the website. The app should save your password and you shouldn’t need to log in again, only open the app. You now have access to that day’s content and are all set for the rest of the Challenge!

2. Your Dashboard

Once you login, you will be taken to your YWCA’s dashboard. From here you can access Challenges, view other participants, read announcements (messages), and engage with the weekly action steps and discussion questions.



3. Navigation Bar

To access the navigation bar, click the three white lines at the top left of the page above the daily challenge section. Once you do that, the navigation bar pictured below will open on the lefthand side of your screen. You will use this to navigate around the website, access content, view badges you have earned for participating in the challenge, take surveys, and post in the activity feed, and more.



4. Viewing Challenges

To view available challenges, click on the challenges button in the navigation bar (pictured above). Once there you will be taken to the newest available content. To navigate to a different day, simply click through the dates available in the top bar. All content from previous days will be available. For example, if you log in on day 5, you will be able to navigate to days 1-5, but not days 6-21. Once you are on the day you want to view, click on the grey box with the day’s theme.



Once you click on the day you want to view. You will be taken to a page displaying the articles, videos, podcasts, or activities for the day. Please read the introduction section before diving in. Once you are ready, click which link you want to view. this will open in a separate browser page.



5. Viewing Messages from YWCA

Throughout the challenge, your YWCA will be posting important messages to participants. To view these, click the messages button in the lefthand navigation bar.

6. Viewing action steps and discussion questions

To view weeklong action steps and discussion questions, click the action steps button in the navigation. Once there, select which week’s action steps you would like to view by clicking on the week.



7. Earning Badges

This is one of the exciting new features of this year’s challenge! As you go through the challenge, you will earn badges for completing challenges, engaging with others, and completing surveys. To access badges, click on the earned badges button in the left-hand navigation bar. Then, you will be taken to the badge leader board where you can see what badges you have earned. To view a full list of the possible badges, click the Badges button at the top of the page.

8. The Activity Feed

To navigate to the activity feed, click the Activity Feed button in the left-hand navigation. Once there you will be able to see posts from other participants as well as create a post yourself. To create a post, click the New Post button. This section will be highly monitored by YWCA staff to ensure this remains a safe place for conversation.

Once you click the New Post button, you will be able to type your message or upload an image.

9. Give us your feedback by taking surveys

To access our surveys throughout the challenge, click the Surveys button in the navigation menu. Antiracism and social justice are complex issues to grapple with. We want to make sure we are providing the most informative, inclusive, and user-friendly experience possible. In order to do that we need your feedback. As you go through the challenge, please fill out the weekly surveys as well as the closing survey at the end of the challenge. Simply click on the survey you would like to complete.

Once you click on the survey you want to complete and answer the questions provided. Please feel free to leave additional comments.