Social Equity Championship

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Social Equity Championship


Social Justice Educational Contest

Join Delaware Libraries and YWCA Delaware to enhance your social justice knowledge and earn the badges of a Social Justice Champion in 2022. Use your Delaware Library card to register now. Don’t have a library card? Get yours today online or in person for free. Then use it to register for the Championship. It’s easy to register, and you earn a badge just for taking the time to do it. Join the challenge and go for the Championship!

What do you need to do? Each month there will be various activities. Complete the required number of activities, and you earn a badge for that month.


These are the activities that can earn you a monthly Social Justice Championship badge:
  • Read/Listen – Choose from our list of five books to read or listen to.
  • Listen – To a podcast episode listed.
  • Watch – A documentary, TV series, or movie listed.
  • Action – Join a program like a YW Book Study or any of our partners’ engaging programs.
  • Attend – An event hosted by YW, Delaware Libraries, or any of our other partners.
  • Parent Reading – Read to or encourage your child to read a book from the Social Justice LibGuide.
  • Do it Yourself Social Justice – Tell us what you did for social justice each month, things like joining an advocacy group, signing or circulating a petition, writing an op-ed, or anything you think you did to work in the social justice space. Some months may even have a bonus badge you can earn just for doing a specific activity.

Why join the challenge? For starters, your personal growth and the changes you can make in the realm of social justice especially if you do it as a group. Plus, there will be some cool prizes at the end of the year as well. The real question is, “Why not?” If you are doing these things already, or even if you haven’t, join the community now and let’s do them together!