Let’s Talk Gender for Pride Month – Guest Speakers

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Let’s Talk Gender for Pride Month – Guest Speakers

About the Speakers

Noah Duckett
Licensed Clinical Social Worker @Planned Parenthood

Noah is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in the State of Delaware. Noah is passionate about working with LGBTQIA individuals to navigate positive coming out experiences, as well as social, medical, legal, and emotional transitions. He works closely with major LGBT organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region to offer clinical consults and education, and is a co-founder of Orgullo Delaware, the only educational, clinical, and social platform supporting LGBTQIA Latinx Delawareans and their families.


El Clauss
Lead Interpreter for Winterthur
El Clauss is a Museum Interpreter and Lead Guide at Winterthur Museum, Garden, & Library. They help visitors access the world-renowned collection of American Decorative Arts. A graduate of the University of Leicester in England, they have a Masters in Art Museum and Gallery Studies with a focus in Education. El has worked at various cultural institutions, including the New Art Gallery Walsall, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Delaware Children’s Museum. They are the first non-binary person elected to a leadership position in the Delaware Democratic Party. Their friends and family described them as incisive, compassionate, and creative.


Julissa Coriano
Clinical Social Worker/Sexuality Therapist
Julissa Coriano is a clinical social worker and sexuality therapist in private practice. With over 30 years of personal and professional experience volunteering, advocating, and service, Julissa’s clinical focus centers on the Latinx community, particularly the undocumented community, the LGBTQIA community, and the sex-trafficked community. Julissa is the founder of Orgullo Delaware, an organization that clinically serves LGBTQIA-identified Latinx and their families in Delaware. In addition, Julissa holds a leadership role on several LGBTQIA boards and committees throughout Delaware.