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AyannaYour gift to YWCA Delaware supports programs like YW Girl, a dynamic college and career preparation program for high school girls that focuses on empowering our youth through increased self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills and networking opportunities.

This four-year program, held at high schools throughout Delaware, sets a foundation of success in the first year and builds upon that success until graduation. Young women leave school with a completed Action Plan complimented by an Individualized Success Plan and a toolbox of college and employability skills combined with the knowledge that they can achieve their dreams!

Young women like Ayana, the 2018 Sally Rask Scholarship recipient, now attending Lincoln University benefit from your Giving Tuesday gifts.

Ayana, raised by a single mother, worked hard as a YW Girl and in high school. She so impressed the  Sally Rask foundation, that they awarded her a scholarship to attend Lincoln University, the school of her dreams. The scholarship is designed for in-state Delaware colleges and universities.

Ayana and young women like her have brighter futures because of your gifts.



FredYour gift to YWCA Delaware supports Home-Life Management Center an innovative residential program designed for emergency and transitional housing. Our program provides a spectrum of supportive services in a safe and stable environment for women and men with children and two-parent families who find themselves destitute. These services are designed to teach valuable life skills and assist the families to become gainfully employed, permanently housed and completely self sufficient.

Fred, a single father with a son,  came to YWCA Delaware Home-Life Management Center in 2017. There are few programs that provide support for this type of family unit. Since coming to Home-Life Fred has taken advantage of case management, employment training, and financial services. He is on his way to moving from homeless to homeowner.

Your Giving Tuesday gift to YWCA Delaware offers Fred and his son James a brighter future.






LaDonnaYour gift to YWCA Delaware supports our (WAND) Wo(men) Achieving New Directions program which offers work readiness and 21st century job search skills to those with barriers to employment and self-employment strategies to emerging business owners who need the tools to position their business for success. WAND helps program participants increase their household income, support their family, pursue their dreams and build a legacy for future generations.

LaDonna, came to WAND following a divorce and being downsized from her job as a chemist. She was caring for a young son and needed a place to develop her business idea. WAND helped her turn her “side hustle” into a full-time business. She is now a successful entrepreneur able to provide for her family.

Giving Tuesday gifts benefit people like LaDonna and countless other.

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