Annual Meeting Induction

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Academy of Women Leaders Induction.

Barbara Crowell & Amira Idris
The Honorable Barbara Crowell and Amira Idris

The Honorable Barbara D. Crowell and Amira Idris were inducted into the Academy of Women Leaders at YWCA Delaware’s Annual Meeting.

The Honorable Barbara D. Crowell

The Honorable Barbara D. Crowell, Family Court of Delaware Judge, is this year’s Trailblazer Award honoree. Judge Crowell has been a Family Court judge since 1996, following 16 years as an associate and the first female partner at Morris James LLP. She is a graduate of Mt. Holyoke College and the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. Judge Crowell is a longtime advocate for children, especially older children in foster care and people without a voice in society.

Judge Crowell’s inspirational work has been ongoing for decades. In the 1960s she helped facilitate positive interaction between the races in the South. She was a member of the legal team that represented New Castle County Schools and worked to expand alimony awards to provide women with a measure of financial security. Judge Crowell created and maintains the Grace cottage program where prominent women visit incarcerated teenage girls.

Amira Idris

Amira Idris, CEO and Founder of TheraV, is this year’s Genevieve Gore Young Woman’s Leadership honoree. Ms. Idris immigrated from Nigeria 16 years ago and graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in biomedical engineering, thanks to an academic and track scholarship. She followed this with a graduate degree from UD’s Horn School of Entrepreneurship.

Idris is one to give back. This social entrepreneur and biomedical engineer came up with the idea for Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel (VTA) after a chance encounter with an above the knee amputee suffering from phantom limb pain when she worked at a prosthetic clinic. The limited pain management options for amputees lead Amira to develop a pain management alternative that does not depend solely on drugs. She connected the problem to the way vibration is used therapeutically for injured athletes.