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YWomen Count

Go to: www.2020census.gov

And it will take you “Start Questionnaire”  if you received your invitation in the mail it includes a Census ID and you can just plug that in online where it asks you to and you will be directed to the page. If you don’t have your Census ID simply select that option listed under the LOGIN tab, where it says click here. Both of these options take you to a screen where you begin to fill in your information.

Begin by either filling in your address or confirming it, then continue through answering the questions about how many live in your home, names, sex and race. That’s all there is to it.

Not comfortable filling it out online you can call 884-330-2020. There is a list of other numbers for non-English speakers.

They began mailing out paper questionnaires at the beginning of April so if the internet and phone  don’t work for you look out for the big mailer from the US Census Bureau.

It’s essential and easy to fill out your 2020 census form so please be Counted and ask your friends, family & neighbors to join.