Academy Of Women Leaders

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YWCA Delaware Academy of Women Leaders

Celebrating every woman’s ability to achieve, succeed and inspire others.


The Academy of Women Leaders’ honorees have historically pursued opportunities to advance women and their families, championed racial justice and embody our vision for peace, justice, freedom, dignity and opportunities for all people.

YWCA Delaware has honored community leaders for more than 25 years and more than 70 extraordinary women have been added to the Academy of Women Leaders’ esteemed ranks over that time. These women exemplify our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women through their work, leadership and achievements in the community.


Laura Adarve
Dr. Kim Allen
Raina Harper Allen
Jayne Armstrong
The Honorable Roxana C. Arsht*
Kay W. Bailey*
Dr. Myrna L. Bair
The Honorable Helen Balick*
Sylvia S. Banks
Beverley V. Baxter Ph.D.
The Honorable Carolyn Berger*
Brandi Bey
Raheemah Jabbar-Bey
Danielle S. Blount*
Carolyn S. Burger
Kimberly Branch
Mona Burgos
Bebe Coker
Tiffany Coleman
The Honorable Barbara D. Crowell*
Stephanie Dawkins-Sanford
Claire M. DeMatteis
Dr. Audrey K. Doberstein
Linda C. Drake*
Cynthia C. Dwyer*
Trish England*
Tanya Ennis
Dr. Katherine L. Esterly*
Ethel Finley*
Karin Fordham
Darla J. Foxx
Zenaida Otero Gephardt, Ph.D., P.E.
Thelma P. Giles*
Muriel E. Gilman
Laura Graham, Esq.
Deborah L. Grubbe, P.E.*
Kathryn Hall
Barbara C. Herr*
Kanani T. Hines
Amira Idris
Doneene Keemer Damon, Esq.*

Terri Kelly
Lee Kesselman. C.P.A.*
Dr. Sheridan Q. Kingsberry
Ellen Kullman*
Samanta Lopez
Lolita Lopez*
Reverand Paula A. Maiorano
Carla Markell*
Cynthia P. Martin
Catherine Devaney McKay*
Rita S. Meek, M.D.*
Grace E. Messner*
The Honorable Ruth Ann Minner*
Ellyn G. Moore
Bergundie J. Parker
Meghan Pasricha
Sadhana Pasricha
Bernadine Paulshock, M.D.*
June J. Peterson
Carol Post
Jayln Powell
Velda Jones-Potter*
Alisa Robinson
Barbara C. Roewe
Dr. Velma P. Scantlebury-White
Lynn Herrick Sharp
Sonia S. Sloan
The Honorable Melanie L. George Smith
Dr. A. Leslie Stanford
Mary Starkweather-White
Rebecca Stepp
Dale A. Stratton*
Paulette Sullivan Moore, Esq.
Michelle A. Taylor
Shefon N. Taylor
Rita Turner
Eva Verplanck, Ph.D.*
Deborah Watson, FACHE, FACMPE*
Faith A. Wohl*
Dr. Stephanie Wright*
Sarah Wyshock-Wolfe MSW, CDVS

* Denotes Trailblazer Award

Kemal Erkan, M.B.A. – Man of Disctinction, 1st recipient