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Racial & Social Justice

YWCA Delaware's Racial & Social Justice program strives to transform communities by fostering awareness, promoting tolerance and cultivating skills in individuals to advocate for justice and inspire a movement.

We are building an Action-Oriented Response Network that is ready to act quickly and compassionately to acts of hate and bigotry in Delaware. This grassroots effort will build solidarity between people of different races, cultures and faiths who share our values of inclusion, compassion and principles of human dignity while supporting the marginalized.

Every Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we celebrate his legacy by presenting a Communication Contest to raise awareness and inspire action to affect social change around issues of racial disparity and race relations.

We are known for facilitating Dialogue to Action groups that are a diverse group of people that meet 5-6 times to hold lively, structured and focused discussions about issues of concern surrounding racial justice. 

In April, we join with other YW's and communities across the country to take a Stand Against Racism. We encourage local organizations, corporations, schools, houses of worship and government agencies to become participating sites by hosting their own “Stand” and pledging to eliminate racism.

YWCA Delaware is an active member of the Delaware Racial Justice Collaborative. The Collaborative promotes and coordinates racial justice activities, drives policy and practices changes to end institutional racism in Delaware.

To get involved in our Racial & Social Justice program, please contact
Matt Pillischer at 302.655.0039 ext. 230.