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I've Got The YWCA's Back!

I've Got The YWCA's Back!

HUD Cuts Threaten Homeless Families and Children!

Due to HUD policy shifts, Home Life Management Center, one of the largest housing programs in Delaware serving homeless families with kids by providing transitional housing and support services, is in danger of losing HUD funding! 

HUD has been shifting increasingly away from prioritizing our transitional housing model for families to a permanent supportive housing model for individuals. The difference between the two models is dramatic. This policy shift will result in our most vulnerable: homeless kids, homeless youth and domestic abuse victims being thrown back on the streets. HUD’s policy priorities are wrong for Delaware, wrong for homeless kids and wrong for the YWCA!

On July 29th, a powerful letter addressed to the Secretary of HUD was co-signed by our allies: US Senator Tom Carper, US Senator Chris Coons and US Congressman John Carney. This is a testament to the value of transitional housing in transforming lives!

We've got your back! Do you have ours?

Take action today by doing 3 things to support our Home Life Management Center housing program and homeless families with kids in Delaware:

1) Share this "I've Got The YWCA's Back" campaign page with 10 people in your network;

2) Write and submit a Letter to the Editor of The News Journal asking HUD to continue supporting transitional housing for homeless families in Delaware and Home Life Management Center; and

3) Make an online donation of at least $25 dollars for the 25 years Home Life has been open and serving the community.

For a more in-depth overview of the challenges we are facing with HUD's priority shift and the difference between the transitional and permanent supportive housing models, please watch NBC10's investigation, watch a video message from our CEO or read our recent Op Ed in The News Journal.