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Come learn about Asian Indian Women in America!

Come learn about Asian Indian Women in America!

We will also take a tour of the Hindu Temple of Delaware.

Racial Justice Tour
Asian Indian Women in transition
to American culture!

Thursday, August 21st

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Hindu Temple of Delaware
760 Yorklyn Road
Hockessin, DE 19707

To register, contact Faye Bonneau at

First generation Indian-Americans are acutely aware of readily apparent cultural differences. The family becomes a battlefield where modernity clashes with tradition, where Indian culture clashes with American culture and where theory clashes with practice. American culture becomes the basis for interactions outside the home. Inside the home, first-generation Indian-Americans attempt to preserve their cultural and religious heritage and expect to live according to Indian cultural values. For example, women are expected to maintain the household (cooking, cleaning, child rearing, etc) in addition to holding part-time or even full-time job economically mandated by them in the United States.

The Hindu Temple of Delaware was started about 20 years ago when a handful of Indian families who had migrated to the USA gathered together once a month in a local church or school to worship and celebrate festivals. These families nurtured a dream to build and maintain a full fledged Hindu Temple in Delaware. The ground breaking ceremony for the Temple was performed on October 20, 1996 on about 4.5 acres of land in Hockessin purchased with donations by about 60 families who ardently wished to make this dream a reality.