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Check out our IDA matched savings programs!

YWCA Delaware offers two different Individual Development Accounts (IDA) programs to our entrepreneurship clients. Our IDAs are matched savings accounts that help those with modest means to save towards starting or expanding their small business.

 What to expect with our IDA:

  • Save $25 - $250 each month for 6 - 36 months to reach your savings goal of up to $1,500

  • Complete and present your Business Plan and map your business' success

  • Meet with your Financial Coach for 6 months to work towards your financial goals

  • Receive up to $3,500 in match savings!

There's more...

Continue to meet with your Financial Coach for 6 more months after meeting
your match savings goal and receive an additional $1,500 in match savings!

+ $3,500 + $1,500 = $6500!  

Space is still available and assigned on a first come, first served basis.
Contact us today to s
chedule an appointment for eligibility determination!
302.224.4060 or 

Thank you Barclays for your generous support of YWCA Delaware's IDA programs.